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Dedicated to the conservation and care of turtles and tortoises.
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Monetary, Item & Time Donations


Don't forget we are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. ALL donations are tax deductible!
Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Monetary Donations


Donations can be sent either through PayPal or by mail.

To send via PayPal, log in to your account and send any amount to:
Please add "MATTS Donation" to your comments

To send via mail send to:

P.O. Box 22321
Baltimore, MD 21203

help us with veterinary bills, transportation, feeding, housing, and heating costs for our Rescued Chelonians. They also support research and educational activities.

Item Donations


  • Shelving units or gift card to a home improvement store for creating additional foster and storage space.
  • 50 to 300 gallon Rubbermaid stock tanks for fostering aquatic turtles.
  • Bleach for disinfecting enclosures. We have to disinfect each
    enclosure after every turtle before another turtle can be fostered - and
    we find homes for over 100 turtles each year!
  • Copy paper, paper towels, clear packing tape
  • Betadine, hydrogen peroxide.
  • Mulch (ICBIN brand), for our box turtles and tortoises.
  • Food: Earthworms, superworms, and waxworms for box turtles from http://wormman.com/ , produce such as fruit, sweet potatoes, squashes,
    and greens, and commercial pellets such as Reptomin for aquatics and box
    turtles, and low-protein hay mixes (timothy, orchard, and/or burmuda)
    or cactus pads for tortoises. Reptomin and Oxboy alfalfa or timothy hay
    is available in most pet stores. Non-perishable food such as turtle
    pellets can be mailed to our P.O. Box. Please contact us first if you
    would like to donate perishable food such as earthworms or produce.
  • High-powered filters and/or pumps rated for aquariums and/or ponds from 10 gallons to 250 gallons..
  • Artificial silk plants to make turtles and tortoises feel more
    secure. They make great hiding places for box turtles, aquatics, and
    even tortoises. Many turtles and tortoises eat better and just feel
    better psychologically if they have a place to hide.
  • Python siphoning systems (50ft) from http://www.pythonproducts.com/  to help clean enclosures quickly and safely.


Donate Your Time


We are always in need of MATTS Members as Experienced Fosters, Transporters and for Event Assistance.

However anyone can help with....

  • Posting adoption flyers in their local pet store, veterinary clinic, plant nursery, home improvement center, community center, or any location they think a potential adopter might see that flyer. To request a flyer click here.
  • Telling others about MATTS.
  • Joining us on Facebook and asking us questions.
  • Stopping to assist Turtles in the road so they are not injured or killed. (For instructions on doing this please see FAQ)
  • Making sure your children don't bring home Turtles from the wild and if they do immediately take the animal back exactly where it was found. Exception: If it is obviously injured contact us or someone local to you right away.
  • Taking the time to learn about these magnificent creatures and if the opportunity presents itself, talk to others or assist poorly kept Chelonians by offering information to the caretaker of that Turtle or Tortoise. You can begin here and also see MATTS Library.
  • Reporting Pet Stores, that have sick turtles, illegal Turtles or Tortoises and any store or individual selling baby turtles, to your local DNR or Fish and Wildlife Dept.